søndag den 23. oktober 2016

London - volume 15

Nær parlamentet kom vi forbi denne spændende udsmykning i gadebilledet - jeg tog billede i forventning om at finde ud af mere efterfølgende.

Har nu fundet ud af, at det er en slags solur: Læs mere her

"Udgivet" i forbindelse med Golden Jubilee i 2002 - Læs mere her

Teksten rundt i kanten er herfra.

Og er som følger....:

From “Third Part of Henry VI.,” Act II. Sc. 5.

  KING HENRY.—O God! methinks, it were a happy life,
To be no better than a homely swain;
To sit upon a hill, as I do now,
To carve out dials quaintly, point by point,
Thereby to see the minutes how they run:        5
How many make the hour full complete,
How many hours bring about the day,
How many days will finish up the year,
How many years a mortal man may live.
When this is known, then to divide the times:—        10
So many hours must I tend my flock;
So many hours must I take my rest;
So many hours must I contemplate;
So many hours must I sport myself;
So many days my ewes have been with young;        15
So many weeks ere the poor fools will ean;
So many years ere I shall shear the fleece:
So minutes, hours, days, months, and years,
Passed over to the end they were created,
Would bring white hairs unto a quiet grave.        20
Ah, what a life were this! how sweet! how lovely!
Gives not the hawthorn bush a sweeter shade
To shepherds, looking on their silly sheep,
Than doth a rich embroidered canopy
To kings that fear their subjects’ treachery?

Meget flot....

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